advanced artificial intelligence development technologies
development of experimental promising information technologies
neural networks
our main specialization is the development of deep neural networks. the range of competencies starts from creating smart chatbots to company management systems.
we have competencies and projects related to blockchain technology. we work with etherium, solana, cardano platforms.
the artificial intelligence services developed by us can be implemented into existing and planned services based on web 2.0 or ready-made frameworks for industrial solutions
international collaboration
"native intelligence" company works with other commercial and non-profit organizations to solve problems on a global scale. together we are engaged in the development and implementation of ai, blockchain and robotic systems.
singularitynet — is a group of companies that develop integrated solutions for artificial intelligence
singularity studio creates commercial ai solutions using advanced technologies of deep neural networks, probabilistic logic, etc.
the company is engaged in hybrid artificial intelligence and robotics systems. creates socially intelligent machines that improve the quality of life.
an international financial project combining advanced technologies of technical analysis of stock markets and deep learning of neural networks.
the main goal of the project is to create artificial general intelligence at the human level, and later beyond.
st. petersburg state university of telecommunications named after prof. m.a. bonch-bruevich is the oldest branch university of the russian federation. one of the leaders of the russian higher school.
important values
we have reached significant heights in the development
of ai modules and applications
  • 5000 tflops
    peak capacity of the data center
  • 25
    existing ai services
  • 10 years
    continuous operation of the company
our projects
we create modern technological products using research in the field of deep artificial intelligence models and distributed registries (blockchain).
our projects
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legal address: saint petersburg beloostrovskaya 28a,
room 10n
office: st. petersburg, bolshoy ps 18,office house "kolobov house",office 219